Dear Valued Clients,

As part of our continuous commitment to provide better services and better hosting experience to our valued clients. SenangHost planning to do the routine update to our platform servers that will improve our services and extend our features more. This maintenance will require planned downtime. Here's what you need to know:

Date & time:
We'll begin the maintenance on Monday, 30/11/2020 at 11pm and expect to complete by 01/12/2020 at 4am.

Expected downtime:
We anticipate these upgrades to take between 2 – 4 hours to complete.

Data safety:
All your data will remain safe and unmodified during the maintenance period, (we have independent remote site backup to ensure your data is secured)

We also will be changing our main IP Address used on our server and if you're not using our DNS services you need to update the IP address manually via your DNS provider, you may contact our team to sort out for you, or you can login to cPanel and refer to the Zone Editor and follow the new IP inside the zone editor.

We highly encourage our user to not change or add anything to your hosting account during this maintenance time to avoid your data missing or overwrites. You may refer to our Network Status pages to keep update on our migration progress. (

Friday, November 27, 2020

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